6th Conference „Sewage sludge treatment methods”


FU-WI company representatives in 1st – 2nd of June 2015 participated in 6th Conference titled “Sewage sludge treatment methods” organized by Abrys company. Meeting was addressed to representatives of water-sludge treatment companies, waterworks and sludge companies, sewage treatment plants, local administration governments and technical designers.

Conference aim was to discuss the issues related with sewage sludge treatment, development perspectives, and also law and economical aspects of sludge treatment. One of the conference points and overall discussion was overview of good practices and innovations in this range. It was especially important because of new directives coming to life, which won’t allow to store the sludge since 1st January 2016.

Answering to this, FU-WI company had the honor to present our innovative technology – “Demonstration Installation of thermal utilization of sewage sludge by pyrolysis”. Proposed solution is an excellent choice for smaller treatment plants and great alternative for expensive systems basing on fluid boilers.

As part of technical departure during the second day of the conference, demonstration visit took place in place of project realization – Ecological Services and Presentations Centre in Jasionno town. Large group of conference participants had possibility to see the installation with their own eyes, and also get to know all aspects of its work and used, innovative technology.