V Conference in Ilawa, Poland: „Fuel from wastes, Law – Investments – Innovations – Market”. 24 – 26 of March 2015.


FU-WI representatives, as a Beneficiary of project named “Demonstration Installation of thermal utilization of sewage sludge by pyrolysis”, in 24 – 26 of march 2015 took part in 3 days conference which treated about sewage sludge management under the title of “Fuel from wastes, Law – Investments – Innovations – Market”, which was organized in Ilawa, Poland.

During the conference, many lectures was delivered and even more discussions was undertaken in widely understood sewage sludge management and administration. Most discussions was about law aspects of wastes fuel production and usage, and also about technologies of such fuel production, as an element of evolution and alternative method of energy recycling.

Beneficiary representative – LIFE+ project promotion and communication specialist – Artur Zieleniewski, presented our technology and video about project realization. Participation in the conference allowed us to promote the project and make additional contacts with wide range of professionals.