Execution of LIFE+ project activities were started


On 01.06.2012 execution of LIFE+ project activities were started under name „Demonstration installation of thermal utilization of sewage sludge by pirolisys”, co-financed with European Union means and NFOEP&WM founds.


Building of demonstration line of utilization of sewage sludge is to launch the full technology line for the study of all stages of the process and its impact on the environment, including:

  • Checking the thermal process covered by the patent utilization of sewage sludge in technical scale comparable to work on sewage treatment plants, for whom it is dedicated;
  • Detailed determination of technical process’s parameters occurring during the whole technological process;
  • Executing of full energy balance on particular levels of energy recovery with using sludge from different sewage treatment plant;
  • Elaboration of environmental impact of applied technology for natural environment report;
  • Certification of newly designed and adjusted equipment from other sectors of the economy, used in the sewage sludge utilization process

Construction of demonstration line will enable further improvement of sewage sludge pirolisys combustion technology and management of ash produced during combustion, as well as detailing the scope of requirements for cleaning exhaust gas station.
The purpose of the demonstration line after construction is to enable demonstration a new process for potential investors, designers, students and representatives of the government dealing with the environment protection, and especially the treatment of sewage sludge.