Information Meeting of FU-WI Sp. z o.o. with the Village Council of Jasionno


On Day 25th April 2013 in the Municipal Office in Gronowo Elbląskie, was held Informationl Meeting of FU-WI Sp. z o.o. with the Village Council of Jasionno (community Gronowo Elbląskie). Above mentioned meeting was organized with help of mayor Gronowo Elbląskie – Mr. Marcin Ślężak. the major subject of the meeting was provide information about project implemented by company
FU-WI Sp. z o. o. – „Demonstration installation of thermal utilization of sewage sludge by pyrolysis”. This presentation was met with interest residents of Jasionno, where this project would be realized. On this informative meeting project team provided information about the planned investment. Project Coordinator – Mr. Tadeusz Furowicz and Promotion and Communication Specialist – Mr. Artur Zieleniewski fully answered for all appearing questions of meeting participants, and consequently dispelled any concerns about the implementation of the project – construction of demonstration the sewage sludge utilization line. Participants also learned various opportunities and advantages for nature protection of surrounding environment, which are inherent to the implementation of the innovative system. The planned project was met with a very positive response from both the Village Council and consequently Village Council of Jasionno.