Beneficiary Participation in the conference under the motto. “Drying and thermal treatment of sludge” in Torun.


In September of 2013 in Torun took place three-day conference related to water and wastewater management under the motto “Drying and thermal treatment of sludge” in which the FU-WI Sp. z o.o. participated. Academic supervisor of this conference was dr inż. Tadeusz Pająk, Eur Ing of the Academy of Mining and Technology in Krakow.

During the conference has delivered numerous lectures and there have been numerous discussions during the meeting regarding broad sense economy of sewage sludge. Undertaken topics related to the need to develop strategies for water and wastewater management for the coming years taking into account the conclusions of previous achievements, optimization, efficiency and availability of the installation of druing and sewage sludge, verification guidelines for making the concept and the construction of new that type of installation. Significant contribution to achievements of this conference were made by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce “Polish Waterworks”.

In the annex of the Conference held three technical visits. Conference participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with newly submitted to exploitation drying of sludge works in Wastewater Treatment Plant “Centralna” in Torun, incineration plant sludge working in the Wastewater Treatment Plant “Fordon” in Bydgoszcz and by thermal hydrolysis of sludge CAMBI presented on the example of installing the Wastewater Treatment Plant “Kapuścińska” in Bydgoszcz.

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