Last abroad informational meeting - Romania


Project Management Unit on base of previous contacts and participation in several fairs and seminaries, decided to organize the third informational meeting in Romania. Beneficiary chosen the country because of interest in proposed technology. on the part of companies and institutions from this region. On 27th October 2015 Beneficiary organized informational meeting in Hotel Sarroglia in Bucharest. During the meeting Beneficiary was represented by:

- Project Coordinator - Tadeusz Furowicz,

- Promotion and Communication Specialist - Artur Zieleniewski.

Group of representatives from institutions and companies connected to sludge treatment and utilization took part in the meeting. During it, informational video was presented, made within the project framework, as well as presentation of the technology.

All participants took part in the discussion, after which, photo presentation of the installation was presented. At the end of the meeting, representatives of Beneficiary answered to several questions asked about technology and installation functionning. Meeting ended with experience and contacts exchange for futher information transfer.

Meeting was participated by:

ECO Constructing – Targu Mures

  1. Gabriel Niculi

S.C. Compania Regionala de apa Bacau S.A. - Bacau

  1. Razvan Grigore Gaina
  2. Petrus Radulescu

AQUABIS - Nasaud

  1. Ion Sandru
  2. Iosif Augustin Molnar

S.C. APA NOVA - Bukareszt

  1. Philippe Guitard
  2. Gyorgy Palko

Tehnofavorit - Bontida

  1. Lucian Voda