Project Beneficiary:

Innovation of our solutions are confirmed by obtained Patents, including two related to the thermal utilization of sewage sludge.

Cofinancing Project:


Life+ is financial instrument of European Union, which cofinansing projects in the field of environmental protection and promotion of new solutions in field of environmental protection problems.


National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFEP&WM)

The main objective of the project is to startup a full technological cycle in order to scientific research and tests execution of all stages of technological process and its impact on the environment, including:

  1. Checking the thermal utilization of sewage sludge process covered by the patent in scale technically comparable to those working on wastewater treatment plants
  2. Detailed determination of technical parameters occurring during the manufacturing whole technological process and on its various stages
  3. Make a complete energy balance at each of energy recovery stage using sewage sludge from different wastewater treatment plants
  4. Elaboration of impact report of this technology for natural environment.

Developed and registered by the FU-WI Sp. z oo, the Polish Patent Office under number 200715, system of thermal utilization of sewage sludge by pirolisys allows to obtain high dehydration of incinerated sewage sludge, which with a high content of organic compounds in the sewage sludge does not require an additional energy factor for burning, making this combustion method auto-thermal.

The technology was developed in the laboratory scale and has been verified experimentally. The project will enable the applicants to verify the developed technical solutions in technical scale, which provides a basis for further improvement of thermal utilization of sewage sludge by pirolisys technology and management of ash produced during combustion.

Application, in technological system of FUWI pyrolysis reactor in small size in relation to other generally applicable, allows to reduce the dimensions of the whole thermal utilization of sewage sludge line, this will enable the use of these devices in small towns and villages, as well as utilization of sewage sludge at place of its generation.